Jack's Story
“...he never stopped smiling, he never gave up...”

The end


The funeral was held on Friday 20 April at 10 am at Turnbull Funerals in North Hobart. We reckon there were over 100 people there, including about 60 of your school friends and mates. I spoke, as did Chris, Kate Baldry and Joe Cairns (from Friends) and Jackson. I had also put together a photo montage and about 30 minutes of old (and recent) videos which I thought reflected well on the adventures and misadventures of your wonderful (but oh so short) life. There was not a dry eye in the house but a few laughs during the videos. So many people were affected by your death and continue to be to this day and well beyond.

For Mum and me, the pain is as bad today as it was when you left us. Time has not healed this wound.

It was heartbreaking and uplifting going through the many videos of you we had started taking the moment you were born. These are the ones that I thought captured your soul, your spirit, your wonderfully curious and cheeky nature and your infectious charm.


I brought your ashes home on Friday 27 April. I carried them inside and put them in your room and said to you “you are home now son”. When Mum came home I showed her the ashes in your room. Three guesses (no I will give you only one!) as to what then transpired ….. That was a very painful moment on top of a mountain of very painful moments.

Jack's ashes

I will wait for you

The poem I wrote to you but the truth is it wrote itself. I was just the conduit.