Jack's Story
“...he never stopped smiling, he never gave up...”

Whisky, Jack and Elmside

Our slowly maturing whisky barrels – Jack would have been chuffed!

In 2017, Jack, two partners and myself set up Elmside Single Malt Whisky Company to make and sell whisky. Jack’s treatments – drugs, radiation and extensive brain surgery – had compromised his processing and it had become increasingly clear that if he survived the cancer, his once brilliant career was over. So I thought if I mixed his love of whisky, with a slim chance he will survive it was not inconceivable that this might give him a career. Plus if the stars were aligned, we even make some money! He loved the idea of owning a whisky company but he also was more cynical of his chances of survival than I was and he humoured me.

Had a dram this week but still immature (three years to go before our first barrel is ready for bottling), however had a beautiful nose – caramel and butterscotch in big doses.

My partners and I have agreed that the first barrel bottled, will be sold as “The Jack 1996”.