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"...he never gave up,
he never stopped smiling..."


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Today, one year gone

Exactly one year ago today, at 1.45 PM on Sunday 15 April 2018, Jack left us. I observed a minute’s silence but no different to the minutes before and after. Just a touch of deference

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Whisky, Jack and Elmside

In 2017, Jack, two partners and myself set up Elmside Single Malt Whisky Company to make and sell whisky. Jack’s treatments – drugs, radiation and extensive brain surgery – had compromised his processing and it

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Tanner Seebaum

I contacted the Tanner Foundation (http://tannersfoundation.org) regarding support to assist me to promote the book. As usual and sadly, organisations like this one, are founded on the back of tragedy. In this case, Tanner Seebaum

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